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Hello, I’m Viktor

i create music


I write, produce, record and mix music in various genres. Preferably modern music.


This is what I do the most. I prefer to produce modern music in various styles. You can listen to some songs I have produced by clicking at the ”Work samples” button below.


I think that the song is the most important piece even though production and mixing is both fun and important as well. 


My sound ideal is large, punchy and powerful. But of course I listen to the song and let it decide what needs to be done in the mixing process.


I have recorded symphony orchestras, chamber groups, big bands, jazz groups, rockbands, choirs and single musicians in both studio and live situations. 


This is my newest addition to my services. There’s definitely more advanced mastering engineers out there but if you need affordable mastering I’m here to help you out.  

Creative Copywriting

I write manuscript for ads and various stuff. 

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